patented brake surface
Due to the patented manufacturing process of the XeNTiS brake surface the following advantages can be achieved compared to competitor’s products:
1. No wear-out of brake surface
2. Best braking performance in wet and dry conditions
3. No requirement for special brake pads, standard pads for alloy rims can be re-used
 (we recommend XeNTiS X13, Shimano R55-C3, SRAM Standard, BBB)

other advantages of XeNTiS carbon wheels:

1. XeNTiS wheels are UV resistant due to a special coating.
2. XeNTiS wheels have an integrated tacho magnet and an RFID chip which guarantees the
traceability of every single wheel.
3. XeNTiS carbon wheels are all handmade and 100% tested in Austria.


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