Ambassador Program

We are always extremely impressed by the achievements of professionals and hobby athletes. It is our goal to manufacture the best high performance material to make you achieve the highest possible goals.

As we know that maximum performance comes not only from enormous training but also financial engagement, we would like to meet halfway.

Therefore we are happy to give you the possibility to become a member of our XeNTiS-USA Ambassador Program. In the first step we are offering the Ambassador Program for 20 Athletes. The precondition for this is a valid licence or results list. Let us know who your local dealer is or contact us directly via email ( and send us your application for the Ambassador program. If your application is accepted we will send you the wheel set of your choice under the following conditions: Retail  price (MSRP) minus 35% Ambassador discount.

The XeNTiS conditions are valid for one set of wheels from the current product range. Because you are now a member of the Racing Family you can register for our newsletter and be informed first about our events, athletes and products.

We trust that our support will help you to achieve your ambitious goals.

Rock on!

Your XeNTiS-USA Team


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